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The primary application of rectifiers is to derive DC power from an AC supply. This rectifier having capacitor & spark suppressor to protect the diode bridge circuit. Spark suppressor protects the coil and contact against impermissibly high induced voltages during DC switching. In the absence of a suppressor circuit, the induced voltage may exceed the permissible values and cause coil failure.

Rectifiers are available with half wave and full wave rectification. Rectifier can produce normal excitation and over excitation. These rectifiers are compact in size & easy to mount in terminal box or in control panel. Rectifier available with over excitation is used specifically with large DC coils for crane/Hoist brake application. This rectifier mainly used for spring applied electromagnetic brake. Also used for DC electromagnetic brakes, clutches, clutch brake combination. A connection diagram will be furnished with each rectifier or upon request.
 Connection Diagram for
EH Series
 Dimension Sheet for Rectifier Mini  Dimension Sheet for UM 101 Series  
 Connection Diagram for UM 101 Series    Dimension Sheet for
 UM 201 Series
  Connection Diagram for
UM 201 Series


EM Torq - Series
UM - 201 - Series
UM - 101 - Series
UM - 003 - Series
UM - Mini - Series
EH -Series

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